Fantaisie Impromptu

fantaisie impromptu Click to hear mp3. Copyright 2009 Small Symphonies, Cameron Pyke. One voice, one guitar, nylon strings, fingers, no plectrums, no overdubs, complete with birdsong and traffic.

All the music you hear on this site is work in progress – with mistakes, production glitches or no production at all. For the thinking behind this please see  why publish work in progress?everything matters ;  Gameplan. Any recordings you hear will/may be superseded as the pieces develop or I get better at playing and/or recording.

However, I am unlikely to delete this recording. My son Alex has done a superb job of remixing it and I think I’ve just got lucky. There are cock ups. There is, at very least, one phrase that ends with a bump when it should end with a touch and a fluffed chord at the end of an important line. But what the hell.

This piece could be  the instrumental section or accompanying instrumental movement for Stranger. It uses similar material. The song or song cycle (pretentious – moi?) is still in rehearsal stage. Even without the instrumental it comes in at about nine minutes. So if I added this it would end up about the same length as Supper’s Ready. I can live with that – but I’m not sure my a) stamina b)MRS4 c)attention span can cope with it. The problem I’m finding is that I record the song fine and then **** up the instrumental and have to start all over again. Such is the downside of the ‘one take’ protocol.

I’m wising up to this pretty fast by putting instrumentals at the start of the piece.


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