Another Country

another country Click to hear mp3. Copyright 1993 Small Symphonies, Cameron Pyke.
 One voice, one guitar, nylon strings, fingers, no plectrums, no overdubs. another country: words

All the music you hear on this site is work in progress – with mistakes, production glitches or no production at all. For the thinking behind this please see  why publish work in progress?everything matters and gameplan. Any recordings you hear will/may be superseded as the pieces develop or I get better at playing and/or recording.

This song was first recorded in a three piece London band called The Intrepid Box and at some stage I will post the original recording.  The original was much more wistful, more contemplative, despite the conventional rock band arrangement. In contrast this arrangement is frenetic and desperate – bonkers, even. So how do I justify this harsh treatment of whimsy and nostalgia?Well, it was never meant to be a comfortable song.  I don’t do comfortable. It is a song about alienation. When I first attempted an acoustic version it just felt wrong – strummety strum strum. Gradually the popping and thrashing got worked into the bass and it felt better. I couldn’t understand why this would be right for a song tinged with regret rather than panic. 

But maybe the impetuous charge of the guitar is representative of  the headlong rush of years distancing me ever further from origins that bear no relation to destinations.


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