House of Hopes and Dreams

 House of Hopes & Dreams Click to hear mp3. Copyright 2009 Small Symphonies, Cameron Pyke.
One voice, one guitar, nylon strings, fingers, no plectrums, no overdubs. house of hopes and dreams: words

All the music you hear on this site is work in progress – with mistakes, production glitches or no production at all. For the thinking behind this please see  why publish work in progress?everything matters ; Gameplan. Any recordings you hear will/may be superseded as the pieces develop or I get better at playing and/or recording.

If you’d like to see the words, please look  at house of hopes and dreams: words. Yes, I know that Pete Sinfield had a song of the same title. It’s no coincidence – I became very familiar with that album – there’s no copyright on titles. I haven’t looked at Pete Sinfield’s lyric for many years but I’m pretty confident that plagiarism doesn’t even start to be an issue.


7 thoughts on “House of Hopes and Dreams

  1. Hey Cameron. Good stuff! I enjoy the classical guitar sound and picking. Keep it up. I think I’m going to try to integrate my music into my blog like you have. Do you pay for WordPress or is it the free version?

    • Hello again Justin. Huge thanks for the positive feedback! I use the hosted version of WordPress which is free up to the point where you want to upload music and then its a few dollars/pounds a year for a huge chunk of memory – more than I’ll ever use. I’m still very much at the stage of rehearsal and experimenting with the sound. When I’m a bit happier with it I’ll start a MySpace site.

      • Sounds good. I also liked your disclaimers regarding the recordings being published with certain mistakes intact. I actually think a full-length album recorded live is an art that needs to be revisited. Hendrix didn’t over dub…why should we? No punch in, no pitch adjusters, no immaculate post-production…just the raw sound put through a mixer and eq. Damn…the thought of it gives me chills.

    • Hello again again. It might be because I’m using the option of filtering comments before they appear – I can “approve” or “unapprove”. That may seem contrary to the spirit of free speech. I’ve got no problem at all about getting extreme bad reaction – it makes things interesting – but some of the comments that appear on, say, YouTube are completely mindless. There again, I could just let all comments appear and then edit out anything that seemed overly moronic. I’d welcome your thoughts on this.

      • My experience with the blogosphere has caused me to filter comments that are completely inane or void of any point whatsoever. Of course, I don’t get that many comments to begin with; actually could probably count them on one hand…but whatever.

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