stranger: words


Stranger, where are you going to?
Pilgrim through this barren land
Stranger, where will you lie tonight?
Shadow in this shadow town.

There’s snipers hiding in plain sight
Don’t let them take you down
And hitmen cruising in the night
To take you out by friendly fire.

Something is wrong
I can’t get it on

Look at this map, this tapestry
Spread upon the parched earth
See, while the citadel burns
This corner where militias
Scrum together

Upraised axe and mace and flail
Hack and stab and slash forever
In private carnal carnage
Till only one man stands.

Whilst crows feast off the fallen
Elsewhere the peasant tends
A blighted crop on a bleached soil
Yet orchard branches bend with fruit
With none at hand to gather…

…And see here as the Winged Man
Spirals hope and helpless down
And all who would his peril see
At pains to look away.

Consider if I pull one thread
Web, woof or broider
What action at a distance
What harm or betterment befalls?

Ah Stranger, who are you searching for?

Ah Stranger
Was she beautiful?
Like a lily on a pond
Like the sunset in flower
She was as wild as wind and sky
The open moor, the curlew’s cry
Thunder in her hair.

The inner journey I must make
Goes deep below the flesh
My elemental child
Is bound and chained
And wastes away
Far from air and light of day.

I must mine my veins
For dull metals
Ore and core of my being
To forge a key
To set her free

Ah Stranger
Something inside
Will not be denied

Refugees in the ruins
Groping towards the light
In this great Parallel quest
We are single, we move as one
We are legion
We are alone

What will you say to her?

There were no words between us
In truth she never walked
Beyond these walls of bone
In this dome she echoes empty
All her words my own.

God speed you Stranger
May you find peace.

(C) 2009 Cameron Pyke


3 thoughts on “stranger: words

    • Nitpicking welcome. Will have to update – which gives us (C)1977 (C) revised 2003 (C) revised 2009 (C) This edition revised 2010. I can do pedantic. I know you shouldn’t analyse your own stuff – but this song / poem is partly homage to TS Eliot – and he did annotate his stuff – the beauty of his footnotes being that they became part of the work and didn’t really help with explanation. So there may be an annotated version which may show which sections come from which periods.

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