Cameron Pyke

Cameron Pyke, Small Symphonies. Photo shoot at Beaupre Castle, Dom Stocquelor, Welsh Icons

Photo courtesy of Welsh Icons

“that bald singer had the whole room mesmerised at the end, pure genius. “ Norris Nuvo, audience member, Green Rooms, Treforest

“Cop a listen to Cameron Pyke’s Small Symphonies – nothing else like it on the planet” Andy Brice (of  Zipper), Church Village

“Your tracks are so refreshingly original and imaginative – I’m really enjoying them!!” Brenda K, The Panache Orchestra

Used to be a classic rock guitarist with an SG and a Marshall.  And a plectrum.  And a White Van.

Now play the nylon guitar. With fingers. And a pushbike – no, that’s a lie – but you get the idea.

Used to play with bands. Mostly covers.  In pubs.

Don’t do bands anymore. Sing my own songs. In pubs.

Like to do some other places: art centres, festivals, house / home concerts.

Working on an album with Wookiemonstah of  Ambisonix as Recordist / Producer / Mentor. The album will be one guitar, one voice, no overdubs. The working album title is Stranger on My Own Street.


This blog is intended to lay bare the workings of the project.

Cameron Pyke


One thought on “Cameron Pyke

  1. Comments received on my facebook re Friday’s recording of “Long Gone” (Take 3, “In The Box” mix)

    “Great track Mark!! simply awesome…….”

    and regarding the North Star Weds:

    “Damm right well cool!! Shame about wed cos I’m on hol otherwise I would be there!!!”


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