APF – a genre is born

APF stands for lots things. In my childhood it stood for American Puppet Films which was an early brand name for Gerry Anderson’s creations. It appeared as a logo framed in a cartouche in the opening sequence of Stingray just after Commander Shore announced “We are about to launch Stingray.” It stayed on the screen for a rather frustrating few bars of dum ti tum, dum ti tum; dum ti tum, dum ti tum before the real stuff got started.

But as of 23:43 BST September 12 2010  it also stands for Acoustic Prog Fusion. Below is a screen shot of a Google search for Acoustic Prog Fusion. There are no exact matches. You read about it here first.

So MOR, AOR, R’n’B, R’n’R, HM etc., etc., and now APF.

What can you say about APF? It’s acoustic; the songs are rather obscure, long and meandering; it’s associated with artists who would prefer not be categorised:-

“Yeah, we don’t like to be put in a box and labelled, man. One thing we are definitely not, most emphatically, absolutely not,  NOT APF – no way man.”

The movement originates in South Wales valleys in times of dire economic hardship where the Hammond C3, the MiniMoog and the Mellotron have were carted off to Cash Converters long ago. What look like stone circles on the mountainside are often encampments of proggers sheltering in their Vitavox Thunderbolt bins.


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