another country 2010

another country (c) 1993, 2009, 2010 written and performed by Cameron Pyke, this recording (c) 15 Sept 2010 by Cameron Pyke & Ambisonix.

Recordings on this WordPress so far are work in progress, complete with cock-ups and problems, recorded in one take, voice and guitar, no overdubs.  I always welcome advice on technical or artistic issues. If  you really love, or really hate something, please comment.  I may not agree with you but I’ll be very grateful for the input.  You could visit the small symphonies soundcloud and leave a timed comment right next to the bit that bothers/delights you.

You can read the words and listen to a previous version and there are notes about the development of the song on these posts.

This version reverts to some of the feel of the song when it was performed back in 1993 by my London band The Intrepid Box. The three piece rock band version was faster but at the same time wistful and atmospheric.  Last year’s recording was plain bonkers. I was puzzled at the time why I felt it should be that frenetic, considering the subject matter.

The texture of this new arrangement flicks back and fore between fairly conventional fingerpicking and razzing. ‘Razz’ is the word I use to describe a technique borrowed from Flamenco. I’m sure I don’t do it right, therefore it would be presumptious of me to call it ‘rasgueado’.

I’m a huge admirer of Flamenco but I have no ambitions to play it.

I am still working on the trick of switching from razz to rest stroke, which calls for a shift of RH position and the stumbling scale  at the beginning of the instrumental section is a clear example of this not happening.


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