Guitar Teaching

I’ve done a lot of guitar teaching over the years – private lessons mainly in electric guitar, group lessons in schools, that sort of thing. I enjoy it. I believe that it is a good and important thing to.

I live in Aberdare, about 20 miles NW of Cardiff. When there was a proper music shop in Aberdare I had lots of enquiries for lessons. We haven’t had a local music shop for some years so no new students for a long time. However, I’ve always had the option to deliver guitar teaching at a family address in Cardiff and recently I decided to take up this option.

So if you live in or near Cardiff and believe you yourself or your children could benefit I would be delighted.

There are lots of good guitar players – not so many real inspirational teachers. I am a qualified teacher with my own tried and tested teaching methods, strategies and materials. Students of all ages have enjoyed the lessons and made good progress.

I am registered with RGT – Registry of Guitar Tutors – and have a current CRB police check for working with children and vulnerable persons. My teaching covers a range of styles and genres, electric and acoustic, plectrum and fingerstyle; jazz, blues, rock, classical.

If you’d like to know more please visit my teaching website


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