Guitar Teaching

I’ve done a lot of guitar teaching over the years – private lessons mainly in electric guitar, group lessons in schools, that sort of thing. I enjoy it. I believe that it is a good and important thing to.

I live in Aberdare, about 20 miles NW of Cardiff. When there was a proper music shop in Aberdare I had lots of enquiries for lessons. We haven’t had a local music shop for some years so no new students for a long time. However, I’ve always had the option to deliver guitar teaching at a family address in Cardiff and recently I decided to take up this option.

So if you live in or near Cardiff and believe you yourself or your children could benefit I would be delighted.

There are lots of good guitar players – not so many real inspirational teachers. I am a qualified teacher with my own tried and tested teaching methods, strategies and materials. Students of all ages have enjoyed the lessons and made good progress.

I am registered with RGT – Registry of Guitar Tutors – and have a current CRB police check for working with children and vulnerable persons. My teaching covers a range of styles and genres, electric and acoustic, plectrum and fingerstyle; jazz, blues, rock, classical.

If you’d like to know more please visit my teaching website


Gigs wanted

There has been some rescheduling. The proper album recording has been delayed until later in the year.

Before then I would like to get some informal pre-view gigs in – to thoroughly roadtest the songs – so that I am well honed and slick by the time the album is officially released.

I’ve done a fair few open mics but only a couple of single set gigs in the Small Symphonies format. This doesn’t mean that I won’t be giving my best in these preview gigs but there may be teething troubles. I’m hoping to have projected images in the background for some songs…never done that before. That said, anybody who has seen any of the other hundreds of gigs will know that I soldier on through adversity and  deliver the goods.

These pre-view gigs can be free of charge to any good cause;  private bookings  at a very preferential rate.

What is a good cause? Humanist, Environmental, Socialist. That sort of thing…I know, typical bloody Guardian Reader hippy.

A gig can be at a normal venue: club, pub or community centre; or at your home. I don’t take up very much room and I don’t have to be loud so even the smallest performance space could be viable.

To promote this phase of the project I’ve organised a Demo set of songs on my SoundCloud (see above ). These are Work in Progress recordings from last year – they’re not perfect. There is also a rough cut of a video which is in process of production by Welsh Icons. That should give you the flavour.

I would stress it is NOT EASY LISTENING. Lots of people have felt uplifted by my songs but party music it ain’t. There may be disturbing images in the back projections. Strike that – if Norris has anything to do with the visuals there will be disturbing images aplenty.

If you or your organisation are interested please Private Message me through Facebook.

a giglet, and reflections from the Land of Song

On the first Tuesday of September I got up and played at an open mic night – first time for about five years.

The Cynon Valley is well provided with open mic opportunities – there’s at least three per month in different venues. The one I played at was in the Coliseum,  Aberdare.

Just a bit of background. This is South Wales.  This is the “Land of Song”. Is it really? Well, yes it is. Why? Continue reading